Trip to our Italian friends

This year, some students from our school went to Italia during one week, on March. After more than 20 hours in the coach, we were very happy to arrived in Naples. During the jouney, we lived in a beautiful hotel next to the sea. It was a wonderful experience for us and we learnt a lot of things.

Only few students went to Napoli before this trip, so it was a real discovery for all of us, about the historical monuments but also about the Italian culture. Because of the fact we lived in a hotel, we didn’t have a lot of contact with Italian except when we shopped during our free times. However, the receptionists were very helpful with us during meals, except the fact that they probably didn’t have a good opinion of French visitors. It was a innovation for our teachers as well, because it was the first time they came with students in Naples, even if they have already organised a trip in Italy before. It was in Rome 3 years ago.

Life in Italy is so different from life in France, even if we have the same money and the same big brand like MacDonald or H&M. For example for food : there is a lot of Italian specialities. Pastry, pizza, tiramisu or pesto sauce are some of them. What surprised us most about food during the trip was that Italians ate pastas before eating the « real » dish, contrary to French people who eat that like the main course. We ate so much during this travel !

Unfortunately, we can’t learn English in our school, so it would be complicated to understand and speak with native people without the little Italian lessons we had with Miss Couturier during our latin hours. Even if we couldn’t know a lot of things, it was a really interesting experience. But we spoke almost only English, it was less complicated !

Maufroy Demory et Romane Buet