European openness in Chaumes high school

In Avallon , in the high School , in the noon the pupils go to eat in the cafeteria. They could at differents things but also typical European recipes as much as they could.

For the day of Schuman’s declaration, the “Europe month” was created. The Chaumes high school makes things up around this theme during the may. On the 17th may, the service proposed you typical food from Italy, Germany and Greece. From Italy a Tiramisu, from Greece a beef moussaka and from Germany a salad mixed with potatoes, ham and eggs.

During the cultural week , there were also typical dishes from here and abroad , a Belgian menu with Flemish carbonnade and pork chop « Gaston Gerard » but also an English menu with fish and chips, potatoes and pudding strawberry jam and also typical recipes from our home coming from Dijon with simmered  by Dijon pork and andouilette.

Emma,Blandine,Charlotte (1ère 5)