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Fun Facts sur Endeavour

  • La navette  included 6 orbiters
  • Endeavour, newest of the orbiters and was known as ‘The jewel of fleet’, was Challenger’s replacement.
  • Made up of three main components- the orbiters, the solid rocket boosters and the external tank- the space shuttle contains over 2.5 million parts.
  • Endeavour ferried humans, science experiments and huge payloads.
  • SPACEHAB gave astronauts extra living space in the shuttle.
  • Endeavour looks a lot like a plane…
  • The wings and the tail serve as a hint that the space shuttle orbiters were unique among spacecraft.
  • The two large humps on either side of Endeavour’s tail are called orbital maneuvering system or reaction control system (OMS/RCS) pods.
  • The space shuttle main engines (SSME’s) rocketed the shuttle from the launch pad to orbit.
  • About seven million pounds of thrust pushed the shuttle to orbit for each flight.
  • Though the space shuttle orbiter was the first spacecraft to land were far from typical.
  • When breaking the sound barrier, the shuttle is only 45 seconds into flight.