The O’Keeffe´s

We were in O’Keeffe  family.
There were 3 children
Cloe is 14 and she loves make up !Sophie is 10 and she plays really good music and basket. Finally, Marck is 8 and he plays a lot of sports like hurling, football gaelique, soccer and basket.
They were really kind !
The parents : Michelle and Carl were so nice, they spoke to us of there Irish life and they told us if we want a Guinness glass, we should go in a pub, because they were really expensive in the gift shop… At the beginning, we thought it was a joke, but they were really serious ! Alright, during a free time, we went in a pub to ask one of these Guinness glass. It was really strange to say : »can we have one of your Guinness glass please ? »
But for the barmen, it was normal, and we had our free Guinness glass for each one…
During this travel, the most think what has us disrupted was steering wheel to the left …
We haven’t eaten a traditional dish, but we experienced the irish tea, and we fell in love with it !
Michelle, the mother gave us a box so that our parents could taste  the irish tea ! It was so nice from her !
We come back in France with full of incredible memories in our eyes !


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