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Singing to Change the World


« Rock Rebels »

Editions Didier – A book written by Rupert Morgan

The book

On the front cover, we can see a man who is singing like a rock star.

We can actually see some people who demonstrate for the peace and love and at the top of the page we can see the title « Rock Rebels ».





The story

Level B1

The book explains the stories of the rock music stars and describes the historical contexts from the song « Jump Jim Crow » to Bob Marley’s songs. And it’s also about Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, The Clash and Peter Seeger. Some of them, like Bob Dylan, fought against the Vietnam War and played an important part to restore  peace. It was the case for the Vietnam War. Other fought for freedom….and won…



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The students’opinion

I enjoyed reading this book because the stars are real and various. This book is brilliant because the intrigue is ingenious and it’s about lots of people. One negative point is the first chapter which is boring to me. I didn’t like it because it wasn’t fictitious. I wished it would be shorter. I thought the book was only about Rock and Roll stars’ lives. I wished there were less historical explanations and more details about the biographies.


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